Revit + ArchiCAD + SketchUp = BRITEX-BIM! is the home of Australia’s largest manufacturer-owned BIM library for stainless steel fittings and fixtures.

In living up to our reputation as ‘The Specifier’s Choice’, Britex is able to provide designers - in addition to our CAD library – a comprehensive range of BIM content for Britex stainless steel products. Britex BIM content is available in Revit, ArchiCAD and SketchUp formats.

It is our intention to continue developing this BIM library indefinitely in all three formats as part of our commitment to our highly valued specification clients. Furthermore, Britex is committed to the ongoing review and improvement of our BIM content so as to ensure we are providing data with maximum accuracy, usability and functionality.

BIM content for Britex products - where available - can be obtained from the ‘Downloads’ box on each product page.

Alternatively, specifiers can request to receive a Britex USB pre-loaded with all our BIM and CAD content from our REQUEST LITERATURE page.