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Barren Waterless Urinal

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Highly vandal resistant stainless steel waterless urinal. No perishable components. Available as fully waterless urinal - no water connection, urinal for  manual flushing (with water connection) or paired with our auto clean device. Ideal for public amenities.

  • Description

    The BRITEX Barren Waterless Urinal is a contemporary looking urinal which provides enormous water saving benefits without compromising on aesthetics. Key to the Barren is its unique outlet that requires no costly replaceable cartridge, sealant fluid or biological block. Instead, the Barren utilises a self-sealing one-way diaphragm that allows urine to pass, whilst trapping odours within the plumbing. Robust in construction but sleek in profile, the Barren Waterless Urinal is highly vandal resistant, easily retrofitted and is also available in an Auto Clean model with timer-activated cleansing device. Perfect for public toilets, clubs and hotels. IAPMO certified.


  • Features & Benefits
    • IAPMO Certified
    • Satin stainless body and mirror stainless bowl
    • Grade 304 SS (1.2mm -16/18 gauge)
    • No cartridge, bio-block or sealant fluids required
    • Cost-free maintenance
    • Ultra vandal resistant waterless urinal
    • Fully concealed plumbing connections
    • Option for periodic cleaning device - see Britex Hygiene Clean
    • Quick and easy to install
    • Waterless and AutoClean models available
  • Technical Downloads
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    Britex US-UBW Revit 2016*
    Britex US-UBW Revit 2012*
    Britex US-UBW Technical Drawing*
  • Specifications

    BRITEX 'Barren' Stainless Steel  Urinal Pod - IAPMO certified, supplied complete with Britex waterless one-way valve outlet - Product Code


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